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Red, Yellow half black, Painted Purple delta, Fancy Assorted Guppies... 

All Guppy Trios ... $20.00 (sold out)

3 Pairs ... $30.00 (sold out)

German Blue Rams


Pairs...$20.00 (out of stock)

6 pack of sub adults...$50.00 (out of stock)

Bristle nose Plecos


1''-2'' common and albinos... $8.00 (sold out)

1''-2'' blue eye lemons... $15.00 (sold out)

1''-2'' long fin commons... $15.00 (sold out)

1''-1.5'' super reds...$15.00 (sold out)

To Place an order:

Text or Email me a detailed order with your address and if you would like your order to be held at post office.

Foods I Feed:

Guppy flake food --

Pleco algae wafers --

1mm blackworm pellets --

Brine shrimp (eggs) --

Shipping Details:


I ship anywhere in the in the United States using priority 2-3 day shipping. Most orders can fit into one box. The cost of shipping is $20.00 per small box or $30.00 per medium box, covering the cost of shipping, materials, and heat packs (if needed). Orders typically ship on Monday, with an estimated arrival time on Wednesday or Thursday. The fish should be shipped to your nearest post office, getting the fish to you safely. I provide live arrival guarantee and shipping is non-refundable. If you do receive any DOAs (dead on arrival), I ask that you take a photo of the fish in the bag and contact me immediately. Any losses will be refunded or reshipped. Please contact me through e-mail or text message to place orders. Customers can pay for their orders using PayPal. My contact information is provided below.


Contact E-mail:


PayPal Info: (Mitchell Bianco) 




Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you!

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